Monday, May 16, 2011

The Penis

I have discovered the secret of...

The Penis.

Long suspected as a tool for reproduction or pleasure, it instead has a far more insidious purpose....

It is the source of a presumed superiority of all things. Ever.

In a strange twist of fate, this post is inspired today by all men except my husband, who has an exemplary tool in question for the first two purposes, but is not a pompous blowhard as indicated by the last purpose. This is good for both of us.

All the rest of you, however, better watch it...

That is all :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a week in the life

So, nothing earth-shattering this week. I have been working like mad trying to get ready for an event next week and feeling both the weight of responsibility while also helplessness from not having the information and tools that I need. In the scope of life, this will be but a blink, but it's stressful at the moment because I just want it to go well.

And that leads me again to the realization- am I going to spend my life working this hard for other people or am I going to be brave enough to invest this energy for myself, my destiny?

One picture that I wish I had today was of little man. He's been off school this week and has spent most of the time running with hubby as I worked. Today hubby had a short meeting and LM was home with me while I worked. At one point I has a really long phone conversation with one of my board members/bosses. I look up and there's LM, who has donned a headset and a whip. It looked like he was a customer service agent for cowboys or trying to wrangle a bunch of backup dancers for Brittney Spears. He'll be glad someday that I didn't have my camera on me.

I have a blaring headache at the moment, so I tend to be hyper sensitive to sound. And light. And breathing. Even so, before I hit the bed, I feel the need to capture the fact that hubby had certainly put forth effort this week and I have put forth a lot of effort in thank him. I realize this is not worthy of an engraved paver stone or anything, but since I am quick to capture the rough times, I thought I was try to remember some of the quietly good ones.

There's a bed with my name on it and a weekend full of work, so it's time to turn off Netflix (after years with public television, I have finally started watching Doctor Who. You don't have to call me a Time Lord, but at least now I am starting to get some of the references). And since LM wanted to play "Cupcake Wars" the only day on the playground, we figured it was time to butch up the viewing options. Slightly.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sometimes I think that I have let go of the dream of you, made peace with the path that seems to lead in another direction, while all the while knowing that there is something more coming. But I'm truly walking two paths.

Last week, during the crowded Easter service, we talked about hope. How relationships and lives both end when someone has lost it. How the presence of it infuses life and meaning in to even the most mundane. I internalized much of the message for the pertinence in my life right now.

Flowers are so poignant because their beauty begins in hope. The faith that a simple seed will have the power to grow, that the elements will be right for life.

Today you spoke to me without words. You let me know that you were still there, waiting and watching. You dared me to believe and then pushed beyond coincidence to show yourself. In the smallest flicker of the candle of hope, you are there.

So I wait with Hope.