Saturday, November 9, 2013

One of Those Simple Good Days

Today I give thanks for simple pleasures and Fridays. (note- I started this yesterday, Friday)

Friday is the day that Hubby has "off" from work. Not really- he's teaching a boat load of classes and working late into each night and on the weekends. But he has Fridays to work from home.

Today we just celebrated the day. After the boy got on the bus, we got ready and headed to the local lab to give blood samples. His employer sponsors a complimentary screen for all sorts of issues, so you give a sample and wait for the whole profile of results. Various times through the day, I have to admit I have had pause. It's been such a nice day- a day where I have stopped often and given thanks- and then I have that impending doom feeling, like life is about to change radically.

I'm trying to keep that crazy-making voice quiet. I hope it's just that silly part of my psyche that gets too scared to be fully happy, so invents things to worry about instead. And not premonition. Either way, I'm turning my head away and not letting it steal my joy.

************** And that's where I stopped, because I got busy making dinner and doing all those family things. And had a bunch more to say, to reflect on the simple things that I am thankful. I got an email last night that someone in my family is having surgery next month. I don't know why or what the problem is- it's shrouded in mystery and I have to wait to hear from that person directly. Which makes it ever so much worse. Then my little boy got sick today, and has had temperatures hovering at 103, freaking me out. I thought that I was being silly with my premonitions. I'm still trying to feel that way, but it gave me a bit of pause, for sure. So I'm just going to post this and maybe the boogie man will go away. **************************