Sunday, April 29, 2012

When You Get Something You Want, It Can Be Terrifying

Sometimes you think that you aren't ready for it, no matter how long you waited. That you won't be perfect at it. That something will go wrong, and it will be taken away. That you will find a way to screw it up. And man, are there so many ways to do that. Perhaps you forgot how hard it was to have what you hoped for, and find yourself coming up short. The moment of calm, of Zen and gratitude will come back. But it's okay to have some moments of doubt, of fear. Right? I just didn't expect it this time. And though I am usually a hoarder of knowledge, a lover of all facts... In this case, less is more. The books, the websites- they all make me tremble. It's just a feeling. It will pass. The calm will come back. I hope.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Thoughts on Bullying

My son. My one and only. My wonderful little six-year old was bullied today. Pretty harshly, actually, and in such a crude way that I am uncomfortable giving details. And I’ve thought a lot about when this day would come, and how I would react. I am very cognizant of not being a helicopter parent. I want my son to learn, to grow, to face struggle and learn how to overcome. These make him a strong, more stable person. And the same time, parents must model behavior. We must support. We must step in. The world is not fair. It is sometimes brutal. And I’m not always going to let my six year old be a victim of social Darwinism. I was bullied as a kid. Quite a bit, actually. Left to defend myself. Made to grow strong. The only problem is… that approach makes you feel alone. Defenseless. Abandoned. And it didn’t make me any better at dealing with bullies when I got older either. So yes, I will help my son navigate the world. To learn to pick which battles he fights. I will help to arm him with the shields and swords that he needs to take on the dragons. Sometimes, I will be right there, fighting alongside him. But always I will have his back.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Girls are BUSTING OUT!

I broke two bras this week.
That's a record, even for me.
The gals are taking on a life of their own.
Beware, they may attack a neighborhood near you soon.

Morning has Broken

It's Easter Morning.
Last week, we enjoyed a beautiful Palm Sunday service, and amazing brunch at our church.
On Thursday, we went back for our first Maundy Thursday service, which was incredibly emotional. In fact, it seems hard to truly grasp the miracle of Easter, of forgiveness, without reflecting on the horrors that came before.
LittleMan got his Easter Basket and is busy enjoying his books. We had a little egg hunt in our front yard.
Biscuits and gravy, virgin mimosa punch, and a helping of Sunday Morning.
Soon we will leave for Easter service.
A morning of quiet miracles.