Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When I Grow Up

I refuse to give up hope that I can find a way to combine all of my biggest passions into some epic business of wonder.

Perhaps you can help.

Here are some of my most abiding passions, in no particular order & with no guarantee of actual skill in said interest.
• Helping people live with dignity, enthusiasm, and wonder (mostly children & seniors) • Writing (mostly emo ramblings & things that humor me)
• Making people laugh
• Traveling- especially in Europe
• Chocolate
• Manatees
• Yoga/Nia/ Other joyful, happy, healthy things for the other short Amazons out there • Event planning
• Research & Creating & Teaching & Design & Being Random
• Pondering grand schemes and ideas
• Tiny homes/gypsy vardos/ vintage canned hams (the vehicles, not the meat product)

I have to admit- sometimes I envy people who can pick just one thing and do it their whole life and not feel the endless pull to morph & buck against the reigns. But that’s just not me. To be continued...