Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is me not being a drama queen

So, all sorts of major life things are happening. Today, I said goodbye to a family member. Hopefully for only a few years, but it's a scary proposition where he's going and I can't escape the worry that each goodbye will be the last one. But I know that there are other people that this impacts just as much, so I stay stoic and try to project strength. But driving away, it hit me hard.
I'm going to need to cry sometime. Right now I have work to do, so I'm pushing it back. Maybe tonight I can find a quiet place and let it go.

Tomorrow, by 10 am, I am going to find out more information that will impact the future of my family. No, I'm not pregnant, thought I were that were it. It will, however, impact the chances of having another child. So, in all, this is an emotional 24 hours. I think I am dealing remarkably well. Staying busy helps, and I have plenty of work to do, so back to that I go. But the tension is right below the surface, like waiting for the gunshot to start a race. This song keeps playing in my mind- probably because I try to incorporate it too much into my life. But since this is the Muppet version, I love it even more because of the levity that it adds. Perfect for my life :)

Sadly, I was just reminded that emotionally, there's a reason for this need. I got the words, "I'm a little emotional right now," barely out of my mouth and a certain man just turned and ran away dramatically. Leaving me alone. Again. Emotional need met fail. *sigh*

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  1. Don't judge too harshly. May have been a knee-jerk reaction because those words, "I'm a little emotional right now" seem to strike terror in the hearts of men... because they are usually spoken in the throes of PMS and rationality isn't part of the emotionalism. Perhaps he ran fearing a shoe aimed at his head. Or he thought you'd rather be alone. Who knows. I'd give him another chance though - remind him WHY you're feeling emotional.

    Of course, he may be feeling a bit strange too, given that his future may be about to change dramatically as well. Nervous and nervous don't always make a good comforting pair.


    P.S. My verification word was "angth". Kind of like angst with a lisp.