Saturday, January 7, 2012

In A Nod to the Soul Development I Still Need to Tackle...

When I think about winning the lottery, I first think of all of the wonderful things I could do for the people I love.

Then I think of all the nice surprises that I could give to people I like or who have only played smaller roles in my life, i.e. "Ten years ago, I saw you do something nice. Here's $1000."

Then I think of some of the selfish fun to have, like travel and start foundations and frivolous things.

And then, the troll in the back of my skull wakes up and reminds me how fun it would be to have money so I could just opt out.

Dealing with a jerk face? No thanks, I'm going to go swim in Caribbean instead.
Play along with social games? Nope, sorry, I'm busy funding micro-loans for women in South America.

And this post? This post is a quick reminder to me that I don't have to win the lottery for any of the scenarios, at least to some extent.

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  1. If I won, I'd get myself out of debt, put some aside for the future, and then help out friends and family, give to the church (boy do they need a new roof!) and dispense the rest in random acts of kindness.

    A Tallahassee man won the lottery a couple of weeks ago. Lump sum and after taxes $22M. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Of course, I could make do with only one or two...